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A Digital Transformation Partnership

Headquartered in Mumbai, Global Insurance Brokers Private Limited is amongst India's premier insurance, reinsurance and complex risk management practicing broking house dealing with 2000+ clients in India and Internationally.

Requirements/ Problem Statement

As they rapidly grew and expanded across the globe, Global was keenly looking for a highly professional yet cost effective and robust Digital Transformation Partner. The organization came forth with very clear goals of transitioning from legacy systems to new age technology platforms in order to optimize business processes and execute an automation road-map to seamless as the initial phase of the digital transformation journey across all business units.

HappLabs Solution:

We now manage the company's entire policies, revenue, accounting systems converging to a single unified system and delivering a custom built multi-module system for a complete insurance portfolio management system which includes modules for indirect broking and claims solution for policy, underwriting, endorsement management, revenue accounting requirements among others.


  • Manage 10,000+ claims/policies on a daily basis
  • Decreased time to manage policies by 50%
  • Increased operational efficiency by 200%
  • Increased claims settlement efficiency 400%

Products Delivered:

An enterprise automated platform comprising of 6+ products integrated in a unified enterprise system.

  1. GAS - Global Affinity System Know more.
  2. GPS - Global Policy System Know more.
  3. GBS - Global Benefit Solutions Know more.
  4. GCRM - Global Customer Relationship Management Know more.
  5. EPR - Electronic Placement Register Know more.
  6. SME - Small and Medium Enterprises Know more.
  7. CIP - Claim Intimation Portal Know more.


People Ink Pro helps create a thriving and engaged workplace. Its online platform gives small and mid size businesses the tools to create and maintain an organizational culture to be proud of.

Requirements/ Problem Statement - HR Value tool

The company came to us with a specific set of requirements on how to convert the job of a HR in an organization to hire the right kind of people to fit the cultural values of the company and across functional verticals.

PeopleInkPro wanted to build a specific tool called Value Blueprint Pro and Values Blueprint Wizard!

Value Blueprint Pro helps its clients and individuals to create and build a workplace culture showing proven, how-to essentials that matter most.

Values Blueprint Wizard! - A custom made online tool with built in values, definitions, and behaviors libraries to help you craft your unique culture.

Learning Management System (LMS) - The project also involved building a moderate version of LMS to manage video tutorials for internal references and act as a one-stop platform for PeopleInkPro's clients as an educational resource hub.

HappLabs Solution:

With thorough research and understanding of the requirement and research. We built them a dynamic cultural tool with a very well comprehensive content management system which meets the core objectives of Value Blueprint Pro and Values Blueprint Wizard!

Currently, the tools serve as a multi-login portals to various internal and external clients to define their value set so that hiring the right candidate becomes a lot simpler and reduce their operational wastage.

Proposed time: 12 months

Duration of completion: 11 months

Products delivered:
1. Values Blueprints Pro
2. Values Blueprint Wizard!
3. People Ink Pro


A Digital Transformation Partnership

VFS Global, also known as "Visa Facilitation Services Global," is an outsourcing and technology services company that serves governments and diplomatic missions worldwide. The company manages visa and passport issuance-related administrative and non-discretionary tasks for its client governments.

Requirements/ Problem Statement

VFS Global takes pride in processing over 223,797,768 applications across 3425 Application centres in 146 countries in partnership with 64 Governments.

As digital transformation takes precedence over other organizational missions, VFS Global was on a look out for a reliable Digital Transformation Partner with technology capabilities and scale to provide them with one single platform to process everything under their Umbrella Policy - A policy and claim management along with tracking system for all business units across all operational locations.

HappLabs Solution:

As our proficiency and expertise in the Insurance segment grows, we are able to build and deliver an enterprise grade system which can process insurance policies and claims of the entire customer base of over 223,797,768 for VFS global from 100+ countries via a single platform.


  • Reduced paperwork by 90%
  • Integrated highly confidential and growing data across offices across the world
  • A system facilitating a simple one-click function to review policies globally

Project Status:On-going


US Elite Baseball began in 2006 with one 13U team from Central, Pennsylvania. Today, US Elite Baseball is one of the most respected programs in the country. The organization is focused towards total development of players and a sole goal of helping players reach their fullest potential, both on and off the field.

Requirements/ Problem Statement

Citing the future requirements into the organization's vision, US Elite Baseball was very clear in communicating their requirements - Developing an end to end technology platform (both front end and back end) to satisfy unique functions of the backoffice, players and staff members.

HappLabs Solution:

We partnered with US Elite Baseball on a medium scale enterprise application development project and delivered a fully fledged function centric custom Athlete Management System (AMS). The web platform was built based on rapid project building with no database relation maintenance including function based features such as Recruiting system, Players Onboarding, athlete engagement and communication tool, performance tracking among others.


US Elite Baseball was able to bootstrap 20,000+ countrywide Athletes and build, track, monitor, analyse them through one dynamic platform accessible to all.


Digital Transformation Partnership for the Ecommerce Business

HESCO is an operating supplies procurement and provision cooperative conducting business principally in the southeastern United States. The company offers just-in-time inventory and supply chain optimization by reducing delivery lead times, prices and storage costs/space for operating inventory.

Requirements/ Problem Statement

HESCO partnered with us to build an High-Performing Ecommerce engine capable of managing transactions of over USD 100,000 a month and transforming from legacy systems to new-age digital platforms.

HappLabs Solution:

As part of the transformation approach, we assessed the problem with a business centric result-oriented strategy by understanding the e-commerce road-map from HESCO and eventually building an end-to-end robust e-commerce platform ensuring continuous uptime. The good people at HESCO also appreciated our team's outstanding project sprint of developing a bug-free payment system in just 8 hours to accommodate client's transaction needs along with tax calculation and billing system - all in the same time frame.

We understood the client's need to migrate to a fast, agile, cloud-ready solution that delivers products and services quickly and improves customer service and created a delivery roadmap to a cloud-based environment with considerable automation.


Filament was a new age communications agency trying to unlock the mysteries of employee engagement, communication and workplace branding with expertise and client base across various industry sectors like IT, Automobile, Banking, FMCG and Consulting.

Requirements/ Problem Statement

Filament's thriving domain - corporate communications segment saw an opportunity to build a dynamic application for Internal Communication and Branding to solve engagement gaps.

HappLabs Solution:

In partnership with HappLabs, we engineered a robust mobile and web app with a multi-level user interface. Many sessions were arranged to nail down the exact requirement and the purpose of the app. After a thorough understanding of Filament's challenges, we engaged in a variety of exercises to understand our audience and their goals. Hand holding Filament in developing a UX strategy, wireframes and design, development stage was a breeze, the project was delivered with iOS and Android design along with Web Applications.

We have built over 18 enterprise grade responsive applications deployed successfully within 40% - 60% of the normal development time.


Wikimedia - the organization behind Wikipedia and various other global products whose mission is to bring free educational content to the world. It strives to bring about a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.

Requirements/ Problem Statement

WikiMedia with its intact base mission wanted to build a Community Toolkit For Greater Diversity (A discussion forum) which is an effort to develop contextual reference material for the purpose of finding, identifying and addressing different inclusivity gaps on Wikipedia and its sister projects.

HappLabs Solution:

We built Wikiinclusivity.in - a full-fledged learning management system and forum mechanism for WikiMedia's global audience which not only offers a forum to increase the participation of various underrepresented demographics on Wikimedia projects, but an added training platform for the community as well.

A consumer solutions company (name restricted from public disclosure) and a very impactful name in India Inc. is focused on human-centred design strategy with a vision to "design a better future with brave new thinking".

Requirements/ Problem Statement

As unique as the company is the requirement for the same came through the same roads. The company wanted to build a 'Digital Ethnography Tool' that deeply analyses user generated content. A tool should be capable of capturing raw user generated data, cluster it and then help researchers analyse it.

HappLabs Solution:

After various in-house training and discussion sessions on ethnography as a field, we deliver a successful fully-competent tool as per the company's much elaborated requirements and more. This unique platform supports the ethnography efforts which provides qualitative and quantitative data through visual outputs.

The tool extracts raw clustered data originating from multiple data lakes and has the capability to quickly read data through custom filters.

We engineered an end to end enterprise application including front-end, backend, Architecture design, cloud storage and computing, data warehousing and testing and a plethora of many custom functionalities along with a fully-fledged CRM system.


SurgeSend is a new-age online file transfer service which is on a goal to make file transferring painless and secure. Currently gaining traction and attracting over 100,000 users across 128 countries delivering 1 million+ file shares.

The platform is Okta, GDPR, CCPA, PCI-DSS compliant and the platform flaunts a 256 bit Federal Level Encryption to maintain privacy and trust among its existing and new users.

The platform advances itself by offering some intelligent features that none of the available services in the market offer. SurgeSend features a proprietary technology that allows users to pause uploads and resume once net connectivity is regained. With peer-to-peer download options, the user has the guarantee of download without having to worry about losing the internet connection.

For instance, in case of an interrupted internet connection, a user can resume uploading files from where they left off. This helps users save time, data and not worry about uploads.

SurgeSend boasts transfer acceleration technology and region-specific servers to make file sharing painless. Region-specific servers mean that files, when uploaded, are stored in the nearest servers available to your location. Since the servers are physically closer to the user, the time it takes to upload reduces significantly.

Another witty and exclusive feature offered by the platform is uploading the same file(s) from multiple devices at different times as per users' convenience. This is one of the highly sought after features among its user base world-wide.

SurgeSend also features enterprise options to help organizations send and receive files from customers without having to worry about Personally Identifiable Information(PII) as the entire instance will run in a Virtual Private Cloud(VPC) dedicated to each organization.

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