What we have done 


Global Policy System

Decreased time to
manage policies by 50%

Increased operational
efficiency by 200%

Like many in the insurance industry, Global Policy System (GPS) lacked a comprehensive technology solution to meet their processing and operational needs (policy underwriting, lead and client management, claims management, policy renewals, etc.). Forced to rely on distributed solutions, GPS dealt with constantly rising IT costs and no clear analytics. GPS required a single solution that would provide gainful insights and would help lower their operation costs.

HappLabs built a modern, web-accessible single-solution platform at a lower cost than competitive firms. Following the HappLabs installation, GPS saw a 50% decrease in time to manage policies and claim settlements reduced from 4­6 months to only one month. And now with well-defined analytics at their fingertips, GPS was able to increase operational efficiency by 200%.


Affinity: Consumer electronics
insurance management

Increased claims settlement efficiency 400%

Global, a company that manages consumer electronics insurance, needed a better way to manage their complex claims processing. Specifically they struggled to handle hundreds of thousands of product registrations. Then maintaining insurance to product correlations was a burden with the existing technology they had in place.

Global sought a firm that could build exactly what their unique situation required. HappLabs developed a custom claims management platform that increased claims settlement efficiency fourfold and vastly reduced the inefficiency of their product registrations. We built Affinity for them.

HappLabs isn’t just a cute name — we’re a literal laboratory that scientifically tests and uses our own proprietary frameworks to generate new digital products that spin off into standalone services. Here’s an example:


Surge Send

Built and innovative file transfer service that does Google Drive and Dropbox cannot

A friend’s company — like many in the design industry — struggled to find a simple method to transfer large files “that just works!” Common options like Dropbox and Google Drive didn’t work for sending files to other countries because the internet upload speeds are often throttled and they dealt with unreliable internet connections.

Realizing this was a problem that other companies faced we developed Surge Send — a file transfer service that eliminated the issues with unreliable internet by introducing a pause and resume feature. HappLabs now offers Surge Send to everyone.


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