GCRM - Global Customer Relationship Management

GCRM is native to Global. The application acts as one of its kind custom built Customer Relationship Management tool that enables Global to manage marketing, sales, project management, accounting, internal communication, and team collaboration on a single platform converging into GPS, GBS, CIP, EPR among other products under Global's hood.

The platform stands at the top of the list for improving efficiency and is highly appreciated by Global's employees, internal stakeholders, one of India's major Insurance Regulatory and even among a few of its competitors.

Standing with an array of features are similar to popular enterprise CRMs such as Zoho and Salesforce. GCRM replaced Zoho for global and saved them licensing fees. The tool also packs industry based and business-fit custom features as required by the company.

Some of the top features (of 27 enterprise modules) include:

  • Contacts and Lists management
  • Marketing Automation
  • 360 degree multi-channel marketing integration (Email, database, ads, social media, PR, tracking etc)
  • Lead capture and Nurturing
  • Sales Automation and Deals Management
  • Conversational AI based chatbot integration
  • Multichannel engagement systems
  • Employee engagement and collaboration
  • AI based Performance, analytics and reporting
  • Accurate sales and claims Forecasting (powered by Machine Learning)

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