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When a major insurance company came to us with a business problem, that previous vendor failed to solve after nearly two years of engagement with a significant waste of time and money.

We stepped up with a promise of high-quality and quick turnaround and delivered the project in under six months and serve to this day managing its 90% of IT needs.

HappLabs was founded in 2016 by Nithin A.G. when a major insurance company (name withheld because confidentiality for us is a priority!) came to him with a business problem that previous vendors failed to solve after nearly two years of engagement.

At this point, the insurance giant already wasted significant time and money on the project. With a promise of high-quality and quick turnaround, the newly-formed HappLabs delivered the project in under six months. HappLabs continues to service this client's custom development needs as their "in-house" IT services team (one of our specialties!).

Since that first successful project, HappLabs has grown to over 40 full-time employees in our Bangalore headquarters and recently opened our first office in Midtown Manhattan. Our broad technical expertise enables us to meet the demanding needs of legacy industries ranging from insurance to media technology to financial services.


HappLabs employs a team of 40+ developers and engineers with offices in Midtown Manhattan, NY and Bangalore, India.
Meet our executive team below.

Nithin AG

Founder, CEO and CTO, HappLabs

Nithin is a college dropout turned entrepreneur who was building products as a full stack developer for eight years before starting HappLabs.

Venktesh G.


Venktesh holds a Masters in Computer Application. He has been working with HappLabs for three years - starting as a full stack developer and grown into our head of operations. Prior to HappLabs he worked at various social enterprises and services companies.

Anup Prakash

Head of QA

Anup has a Bachelors in Computer Science from National Institute of Engineering in Mysore. He comes to HappLabs with eight years work experience doing quality assurance work. Prior to HappLabs, he was working with Qualitest Group in Bangalore.

Ritesh Jha

Application Architect

Ritesh started his career as a full stack developer at HappLabs and now is an application architect leading efforts on various products for the insurance sector. He holds a Masters in Computer Applications from National Institute Of Technology Agartala.

Aparajit Utpat

Application Architect

Aparajit holds a degree in Computer Science from RV College of Engineering and leads efforts on various products for the insurance sector. Prior to HappLabs, he worked as an engineer at Snapdeal, one of India's largest e-commerce companies.

Nisarg Desai

Cloud Solution Architect

Nisarg holds a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Texas. He oversees work on all of our cloud solutions.

Rishi Gaurav Bhatnagar

Lead Product & Strategy

Rishi holds a Bachelors in Telecommunication Engineering from Bangalore Institute of Technology. He came to HappLabs from Target's Strategy & Innovation team. He now leads product, marketing & strategy for Surge Send.

Louis Nick Saites

Business Development Executive

Nick is a neuroscientist gone business developer. He has over 7 years in customer service experience. He has his PhD in Biomedical Sciences and enjoys programming as a hobby. Prior to HappLabs, Nick founded and ran his own nonprofit, building relationships with other businesses in his community.

Advisory Board 

Our strategics advisors.

Dr. Mohammed Khursheed Akhtar

Senior Strategic Advisor

Senior Strategic Advisor, Research and Studies Unit, Strategic Center to Kingdom Vision Realization, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

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