GBS - Global Benefit Solutions

This platform is a dedicated custom-built Policy and Claim Management for Corporate Health Insurance Management.

Tuned holistically for high-level automation, improve operational efficiency of concerned departments across geographies, the tool can:

  • Detect and trace policies by using the insurance portfolio management dashboard.
  • Automate the annual insurance policy reviews process.
  • Real-time data synchronization of policy administration system with insured applications.
  • Calculate all premiums, taxes, and commissions using embedded rating and underwriting rules engine.
  • Validate and authenticate data fed by policyholders to notify warnings and compliance notifications along with applicable exclusions from a clause library.
  • Automatically generate policy documentation in compliance with IRDAI.
  • Configure a wide range of insurance claim forms for various claim processing scenarios with a built-in dashboard with a dynamic form builder for Desktops and Progressive Web Application for Mobile and Tablets.
  • Cut dependency on internal IT staff and get the ability to automate workflows with drag-and-drop features to build forms.

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