EPR - Electronic Placement Register

The state of the art business tool helped Global to streamline billing, payments, and collection processes hence enabling accurate, timely access to billing information.

This global's revenue management system is an adaptive and flexible solution that enables them to place a policy as soon as there is a premium payment and record the placements instantly. This helped improve operational efficiency and keep accurate revenue tracking.

The sophisticated integrated Revenue Management Tool is built to handle direct policies with modules including:

  • Accurate Revenue forecasting
  • Accurate Revenue Tracking
  • Identity Access Management for Cloud
  • Inventory and Billing systems
  • Multi-business management and optimization dashboard
  • Report generation
  • Business analytics
  • Multi-Currency Support with a conversion feature


  • Help them track financials in a seamless manner across business centers which resulted in reduced accounting and revenue functions of record and process time by 80%
  • Improved timely and accurate billing and reduced costs by 30%
  • The revenue analytics module reduced the man-hours spent in report generation by 95%
  • Reduced manual processing time of revenue consolidation and tracking by 70%
  • Supported exchange, individual billing, group billing, ASO billing, and more
  • Minimized cost and risk via IRDA-compliant cloud solution

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