SME - Small and Medium Enterprises

SME is a client information and awareness tool integrated with our custom built CRM Tool to optimize the feedback loop and help Global to onboard new customers with sophisticated management of market inputs.

The tool also boasts a robust content management system designed to serve the SME Questionnaire module which helps the company's executives to get customer intelligence and convert easily.

The product replaced multiple marketing tools and consolidated all required features in an unified CRM solution which eased the company's customer retention process and gave valuable insights on potential customers while reducing operational costs.


  • Global's client onboarding process reduced by 60%
  • Helped create dynamic campaign based questionnaires and allowed teams to bulk send campaigns to understand the customer's needs in a more insightful manner.
  • Completely killed the pain of navigating to multiple tools and produced intelligent email database management solutions
  • Improved client acquisition by 40% highly impacting the company's overall revenue

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