What we do 


Microservices allows companies to optimize resources. With microservices, multiple teams work on independent services, enabling you to deploy more quickly — and pivot more easily when you need to. The increased efficiency of microservices not only reduces infrastructure costs, it also minimizes downtime.

Our Microservices architecture approach helped our client reduce infrastructure cost by deploying application over several medium sized servers while still maintaining scalability and development flexibility. Schedule a Call

Progressive Web Apps

Applications that are device-proof. PWA will tailor itself to the available device with no extra code so companies can reduce development costs. ur PWA process has helped companies realize that native web applications were not required for their business case and reduced development costs.

Our PWA process has helped companies realize that native web applications were not required for their business case and reduced development costs. Schedule a Call

UX Pattern & Systems

UX design patterns help designers devise workable solutions to common interface problems. UX patterns incorporate design best practices for every single piece of functionality, whether it’s a sign-in form or a site's navigation.

Our execution of design patterns helped a client develop a proof-of-concept without elaborate design costs. Schedule a Call

Mobile Applications

Native applications for iOS and Android.

Nothing can beat the performance of native applications on mobile platforms.

Our development expertise includes mobile e-commerce, news streaming, social network platforms, file transfer applications. Schedule a Call


Custom-tailored resource management solutions help companies reduce cost in the long run. Custom CRM/ERM allows companies to tweak any module of the system to their needs. Schedule a Call


Modeling human intelligence is one of the primary goals of artificial intelligence. By modeling human behaviors and thought-processes, AI programs can learn and make rational decisions.

We have helped clients detect potential fraudulent claims and inconsistencies in claim settlements. Schedule a Call

Business Intelligence

Streamline the process of collecting, reporting and analyzing data. Using BI allows companies to improve the quality of the data they collect and the consistency with which they collect it.

Employing BI has helped our clients improve their claim settlement and sales processes. Schedule a Call

Data Lakes

A data lake is a storage repository that holds a vast amount of raw data in its native format until it is needed. While a hierarchical data warehouse stores data in files or folders, a data lake uses a flat architecture to store data.

Using data collected from social media, we helped a company detect potential buyer trends for consumer products and reduced their operating costs by eliminating their traditional trend analytics. Schedule a Call

User Interface

A Conversational UI gives the privilege of interacting with the computer on human terms. It is a paradigm shift from the earlier communications achieved either by entering syntax-specific commands or clicking icons. Conversational interface allows a user to tell the computer what to do.

Our employment of conversational UI for ChatBots has helped the client reduce customer service times and costs. Schedule a Call

Why choose HappLabs? 

The Happ Methodology

Where most engineering teams develop products using either an Agile approach or burndown framework, HappLabs combines the best of both approaches into what we call the “Happ Methodology” — a stable and flexible approach to development that lowers development and project management costs, which allows us to pass the savings on to you.

flawless end product



End product envisioning

Client at the center of process

Quick product business fit

Get to market fast

Priority on developing business logic subsystem allows easy scaling

Quick release cycles

Minor impact on system changes

Non-Monolithic software development process

Work with us and let our custom software work for you